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About Love Test

LoveTestNow is a unique relationship test. It has been scientifically tested in hundreds of couples, allowing us to guarantee more accurate results. This test will give you all the information you need to improve and positively develop your romantic relationship. By answering the questions, we can get a multidimensional view about your relationship, and more important about how you and your partner really are experiencing it. After answering the questions, you will get very deep information (in the form of a file from 90 to 150 A4 pages). There, you can read about what is going right with you and your partner, but also what is going wrong. You will get personalized help, exercises, and tips for developing your relationship in a more healthy and positive way.We are continuously working on bettering this app, so we welcome any feedback! You can contact us to the number +46 031 774 0067 or to the e-mail info@lovetestnow.com

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